Satsriver – a new payments model for the open internet

Start monetizing your amazing digital experiences in a completely new way – at the same time as engagement. We are building solutions for written content, software/tools, video, games, and beyond.

Users are able to get access to and enjoy more fulfilling and higher quality experiences. They contribute to you with streaming payments – on supported platforms and across the web.

Satsriver is dedicated to remonetizing the web

Our mission is to enable a new age of the internet. Filled with properly compensated, trusted and quality experiences – wherever they are.

An internet that isn’t locked into aggregator platforms. Not littered with listicles, content/affiliate farms and corrupted by untrustworthy experiences. Not stuffed with ads or locked behind expensive up-front paywalls.

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We are always looking to meet interesting and talented people to join the team even if not right now – reach out. If there is anything in particular you want to discuss – let us know.

We are well-funded and actively hiring for 5+ positions – including founding engineers, founding UX/designers and more. See some of our open positions on Angelist.

If you are looking to join the team, send us a note to with a bit about yourself, a resume, and a few bullet points about why you are interested in the position.
A new open model for monetization.

We are dedicated to building a more prosperous age online.

Supporting an open system and vibrant community
We are building Satsriver to be decentralized and open – with the goal to enable an entire community to build on top of it – for the long-term. We are working to help you operate your business across the web and not be reliant on centralized platforms and aggregators.
Unlocking a river of sats and time across the internet
Our goal is to enable quality content and experiences to flourish online. Helping users have great experiences and contribute to them. For publishers, creators that use our software – and developers that build amazing experiences on top of it.
The greatest monetary network ever conceived.
Satsriver is built in part on top of Bitcoin ฿ and Lightning ϟ for a reason – it is the greatest monetary network ever conceived – an unfathomably remarkable feat. It is important to us to support the development, growth, security and education of the  Bitcoin ฿ network. If you prefer to accept money in local currencies or use Stable coins instead – all good.

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Create a virtuous cycle for your business.

Better for you.
Better for your users.

  • Earn more for your hard work – without compromising your experiences.
  • Faster user growth. Driven by super-heroes that spread the word.
  • Turn more users into customers and supporters as they contribute easily with minimized contributions.
  • Enjoy more time and resources to focus on providing amazing experiences for your users.

It's easy to get started

  • 1
    Your users engage with your experiences as they normally do
    They continue to use your website, and supported platforms. They don't have to go to a new site or location for you to get the benefits of Satsriver. There are some new things we can do – but it isn't required.
  • 2
    Users are prompted and can agree to automatically support you
    Users can one-click agree to stream funds/donation to you as they are engaging – with a maximum spend until we ask them again. This includes per content view, time, and general usage. They can optionally contribute more. It's your organization. You set the prices and rules.
  • 3
    Verify your account
    You'll need to quickly setup your account and verify yourself to access funds. This way we know you own the website and platform accounts and we don't stream your funds to the wrong person. You'll get access to everything already streamed to you – and unlock additional ways for Satsriver to work for you.